New generation of GUNKI spinning reels feature a slender signature design that perfectly complement our GUNKI CHOOTEN CUT rod range. Evolved from the top of the range THG reels. Available in three sizes, the spools have been adjusted to suit the line diameters recommended for each model. The 1000 size is ideal for vertical fishing, the 1500 for finesse styles and lighter lure fishing on small waters and the 2500 model covers the light to medium spectrum where varying retrieve speeds is important. The reels are ultra-smooth with perfect spool rotation. To cope with the rigours of fishing in all weathers we have selected a composite material for the body and rotor with a high carbon content. This brings a combination of light and rigidity that guarantees reels last a long time. The handle is screwed directly into the command gear that takes away any chance of vibration during the retrieve and adds extra direct winching power when playing big fish. The drag features carbon washers and is protected by a waterproof joint that keeps the elements out. These are our flagship reels and are the perfect partners to our CHOOTEN CUT rod family.
Drag power : CHOOTEN FV 1000 CUT = 4kg/ CHOOTEN FV 1500 CUT = 5kg/ CHOOTEN FV 2500 CUT = 7kg.

Plus points!
- Compact design
- Exceptionally smooth
- Body in ultra-light and strong carbon composite
- High quality stainless steel bearings
- Anti-corrosion treatment on main parts ( central shaft, command gear shaft, bearings)
- Integrated anti-reverse
- Aluminium ‘shallow spool ‘ & ‘LC Lips ‘* spools
* (enable smoother line release over the spool optimising casting distance)
- Ultra S-Curve oscillation system (crossed spirals)
- Long life pick-up spring
- Oversized Titanium anti-spin roller
- Micrometric and progressive multi disk drag
- Wide drag washers for unrivalled power
- Handle screwed directly into the command gear
- Ergonomic “easy-grip” handle