The HOVERJIG is a swimming jig developed for pike fishing. There are times when pike feed on crayfish in snaggy swims (sunken trees, boulder s etc.) more than they do around weedbeds. The HOVERJIG has been created for these moments! Profiled head shape easily works around snags and the long anti-weed bristles the perfect balance of softness (so a pike easily flattens them in its jaw) and stiffness to keep the hook clear of snags. Pike are drawn to anything that moves a lot of water, so we have designed the skirt from a mix of natural fibres, flashabou and silicone to get maximum volume and visual attraction. The skirt opens up in water and slows the lure down on the drop. Stainless steel wire whippings for extra solidity -a real plus point when pike are attacking repeatedly. There is an extra eye on the head to add an optional blade (blade supplied with lure). We have developed a size 5/0 short shank wide hook to optimise the action of the trailer blade and give more direct positive hooking.

We recommend you team the HOVERJIG up with these trailer baits:

Crayfish imitation:
- HOURRA CRAW: slight vibration/worked on bottom
- BOOGIE CRAW: flapping vibration/on the drop

Fish imitations
- TYPSY SXL: powerful vibration/on the drop
- PEPS: Gliding action/weedbeds