Great looking reels designed for extreme fishing situations and tackling the biggest of specimen fish. The two sizes will cover all modern catfish tactics from vertical jigging to fireball fishing, big lures to drifting with live baits. The reels are compact and light but deceptively powerful and more than a match for the hardest fighting cats. For such powerful specialist reels they are also great value for money and sure to be a big hit amongst dedicated catfish anglers!

Plus points:
- Compact design
- Body and rotor in light and strong composite material
- Stainless steel central shaft
- Aluminium “LC lips*” large capacity spool
*designed for a more fluid line transit over the spool lip for better casting performance.
- Metal line clip
- S-curve spiral oscillation system
- Long life pick up spring
- Consolidated bail arm
- Anti-spin line guide
- Powerful (10kg) progressive micrometric drag system
- One touch single button fold away handle
- “Suregrip” handle