We spend many hours on the water looking for improvements and tactical edges to catch more fish. Fuelled by this experience we have revisited the CHOOTEN rod range with a view to improving performance and maximising pleasure. The result is our new CHOOTEN CUT rod range. The rods are mounted on IM and HM TORAY low resin blanks with improved power and responsiveness. We have matched and mixed the best FUJI rings for each rods (K frames, long leg, short leg, micro guides etc). A lot of work has gone in to optimising the lengths, actions and power ratings of each model and we have field tested them one by one to get every detail spot on. We are proud to designate these rods as “made for fishing”. The Chooten Cut family is divided into 3 sub-categories:????SUPERSIZE: Spinning or casting rods developed for specimen hunting. No detail has been left to chance so you can tackle up to target the biggest fish with total confidence in your rods. The ergonomic handles are designed to be comfortable to fish with and handle big fish securely. Technical and powerful rods that can be fished with ease all day long.????SHARP: Discover this range of tactical baitcasting and spinning rods each with a specific power rating designed to cover the most technical of tactics. We have worked hard to perfect the handle design that optimises comfort and feedback from the blank. Each rod is steely, accurate and responsive.????SCAN: Rods developed to fish accurately right under the rod tip from a boat, kayak or float tube. These rods are perfectly balanced and responsive. Built with plenty of reserve power. Comfortable handle that stays warm in winter and give plenty of feedback.