Flashback to the 2014 International Gunki Meeting in Slovakia that I took part in last November. The main aim of this annual meeting is the presentation of new range to our distributors from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, major shop owners and fishing magazines. But it is also a great chance to try the new gear from the Gunki range on the magnificent Liptovska Mara Lake.

The fishing was far from easy, day 1 was beautiful, but day 2 was the exact opposite. A major depression had set in, the temperature dropped from 15 to 2°C and it rained nonstop! Not the best conditions! !

Hey but that what fishing is all about! The 2015 Gunki range had what it took to save the day: Grubby Shad, Roller Gun, Sweep Gun, Gunki V2 Riggle, Gunki V2IB, Kaiju Blade, Jiger… amidst the vast choice of soft and hard baits, blades, jig heads… we managed to find the pattern. Vertical style for the zander with lures boosted with attractants, drop-shot and blades for the perch and thanks to the top notch Shigeki rods, even the smallest nibble was fatal. Zander and perch (main species of the lake) just didn’t know what had hit them!

Thankfully, the last days of the meeting were summer like, transforming the lake into a mirror surrounded in breath taking landscapes and overlooked by snow capped mountains!

Vincent de bruyne

Le Moulin de Sauvage