La team

Daniele TAMBORINI picto fr

Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
Lac / Rivière / Pêche à la mouche / Carnassiers / Silure
Premier poisson : 0000

Bio: I was born on a lake. Today I work with fishing conservation all over Italy; I hope to work in fishing. I spent (and I will spend) the best moments of my life fishing on my lake at sunset.

Where you fish: I fish mostly the freshwater of Northern Italy. I target mostly  perch, zander, pike, trout and catfish. I am angler and tournament angler. In the last years, I have travelled a lot for lure competitions targeting predator.

Fishing techniques: I love fishing for perch, zander, pike, trout and bass with lures in streams, rivers, lakes, in the middle of a city or the middle of nowhere!

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