La team

Peter DE JONG picto fr

Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
Lac / Rivière / Carnassiers
Premier poisson : 2004

Bio: hello my name is Peter! I started fishing when I was 7 years old with my father, catching roach and bream. After that time, I continued this hobby, now it is more like an addiction. Actually, I fish for all freshwater fish in Dutch waters, but predator fishing attracts me the most! I like the action, the thrills, and the beautiful strong fish.

Where you fish: most of the time I go fishing on waters with current, like small and large rivers. Around here you can catch pike, zander, perch, asp and catfish. Mainly I go fishing for pike and zander. I really like to do that!

Fishing techniques: I fish with different techniques. On the small rivers, I troll and cast using a wide selection of lures. When I go fishing on the big rivers, I often go vertical fishing for zander.

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