La team

Patrick HOLMSTROM picto se

30 ans
Team Pezon & Michel
Pêche en mer / Lac / Rivière / Pêche à la mouche / Carnassiers
Premier poisson : 2003

Bio: Like most avid fisherman I started fishing almost as soon as could walk. I still remember the first time my granddad took me out on the local lake where we lived and we went fishing for perch with just floats and worms and training to cast whit rod and reel. It only took one time to get me addicted! Then from simply a hobby it became a lifestyle. I fish for all species using different techniques, as long as I am on, in or near water with a fishing rod, then I happy! 

Where do you fish: Mostly on East coast and in the middle of Sweden But also in smaller lakes and rivers in all over Sweden.

Fishing techniques:  when I fish for perch I mostly use dropshot and carolina and texas rigs. When targeting pike I use bigger jigs, swimbaits, wakebaits and even fly fish for them too.