Range of reels with an exceptionally thick (6mm) central shaft, a bronze main gear and a multidisc drag with carbon washers. Every aspect of the reel has been built to cope with the rigours of targeting big catfish. Whether you are trolling, vertical jigging, lure fishing or buoy fishing there is a reel that will suit your style of fishing. Tough, smooth engineering keeps you in control when battling big cats. The perfect complement to our Titan Boxing rods!

Plus points:
• Body and rotor in light and strong composite material
• Stainless steel central shaft
• Reinforced internal structure (pinion cast in bronze)
• Large capacity aluminium spool
• Metal line clip
• S-curve spiral oscillation system
• Long life pick up spring
• Consolidated bail arm
• Anti-spin line guide
• Powerful (14kg) multidisc drag system with carbon washers
• “Suregrip” handle