The famous GRUBBY now available ready mounted! Easy to use in any situation you will notice that this GRUBBY is a little leaner to help keep the lure stable on straight retrieves. Rest assured that the body is still big enough to attract the attention of marauding predators. Designed to vibrate at any speed, the Grubby Free works particularly well when worked very slowly as the vibration attraction works on even the slowest retrieves, a tactic that often gets a take from educated and wary pike. Available in 3 sizes you can cover all the depths. Try winding in a bit faster with the rod held high when fish are active and feeding at midwater. This lure is really easy to use – cast, retrieve and strike! The GRUBBY does the rest of the work! The 130 and 170 sizes have a stomach ring for fitting an extra treble or a blade if wanted.