Hyper compact and extremely light, this reel has a wide rotor and spool to reduce as far possible the number of turns of line on the spool. This results in better line lay and improved casting performance that you will appreciate when you start using with the reel. The mechanism is fluid and smooth and the high gear ratio helps make fishing efficient and precise. The micrometric drag system is very accurate and progressive so you can set it exactly to suit whatever hooklengths you are using. Supplied with a spare aluminium spool and one touch folding handle.

Plus points:
- Body and rotor built from a light composite material
- Compact design
- Infinite anti-reverse
- High speed ratio
- Wide aluminium spool (shallow spool)
- Spare wide aluminium spool (shallow spool)
- “Long cast*” spool lips
* The angle of the spool lip is designed to minimise friction with the reel line.
- Spare « one touch » folding handle'
- S-Curve oscillation system (cross spiral)
- Long life bail spring
- Consolidated bail arm
- Anti-twist large Titanium line roller
- Micrometric progressive fighting drag
- 'Sensigrip' handle