Big spool design waggler reel that works to protect your reel line by limiting the number of times it is wrapped around a spool. Designed for waggler fishing at mid to long distances. Smooth gearing, free running and an excellent and accurate drag system. Winds back exactly 1 metre of line per turn so you can easily calculate your fishing distances.

Plus Points:
- Body and rotor made from composite material
- Large diameter rotor and spool
- Exceptionally smooth running
- High precision stainless steel bearings
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminum 'LC Lips'* & « Shallow spool » spools
* (Smoother line release from spool for extra casting distance)
- Metal line clip
- Spare aluminium spool
- S-Curve oscillation system (crossed spires)
- Long life pick-up spring
- Consolidated bail arm
- Oversized anti-twist line guide
- Multidisk progressive micrometric drag
- Wide drag disks for exceptionnel power (10kg).
- Easygrip handle