Danny, a long term friend, came over to Ireland with a group from Normandy to fish for trout, as I had a few days off from guiding I decided to have a break… and go fishing! I chose to take them to the small mountain lakes that are just behind where I live.

These small lakes are full of magnificent brown trout, not big ones but, what they lack in size, they make up with their unequalled beauty. I usually fish these lakes when taking beginners fly or lure fishing, the scenery is just awesome and to reach them you have to walk 12km though peatland, forests and hills that lie at the foot of the mountain range.

Everyone opted for lures, some for hard baits the others for spinners, I chose the Gunki Gamera 65SP and my all time favourite, the Pezon & Michel size n°1 Magnet spinner. In order to be able to have optimal control over my lure I fished with the Pezon & Michel Eaux Vives 240 ML Instinct rod.

Things started really well and everyone caught fish under a beautiful Irish sun well, that was until the wind started blowing… In order to continue catching fish, everyone resorted to the same trick: extra weight! In the windy conditions, the Gamera 50HW and Tricoroll 50HW really made the difference.

You had to cast as far as possible and aniamte the lure with really hard jerks and every now and then make very short pauses. The trout weren’t big, 20 to 30cm but fishing with friends in such an incredible landscape just has to be the best way to spend a day off from guiding!

Another day to be added to those that I’ll will cherish for many seasons to come.

If you want to discover this magical region, its breathtaking landscape and unforgettable fish, just contact me and let me be your guide.

See you soon.

Guillaume LE GARREC