Fishing for cod from the shore is much the same than fishing for sea trout, kitted with waders, you sneak into the water and cast as far as possible! As fishing for sea trout is my favourite technique, fishing for cod is just behind!

Even when targeting cod, every now and then you catch a sea trout, but hey that is not a bad thing, more like a bonus, like lining up three 7s on a one-armed bandit! And you know how the saying goes: “beginners luck”... well that is how it went for my friend Sascha when we last went fishing. It was the first time that he had ever fished for cod from the shore and just before the sun set he caught a nice sea trout but as the light faded then the fun really began!

The trick is to find the right spot and the right spot is one where there’s not too much seaweed. A mixture of sand, rocks and seaweed is ideal. You need to retrieve quite fast so that your lure doesn’t sink too much otherwise you’ll spend your time cleaning your hook. The thing is to find the right speed, too slow and you’ll snag all the time and too fast and the cod won’t take the lure, they tend to react to slower presented lures than sea trout. If you have a sandy bottom that is rock and weed free, try and make your lure swim just above the bottom, almost dragging the sand. You can also try and vary the animation by letting it drop briefly to the ground and then twitch it off the bottom and start retrieving again. Then there is also the “classic” method where you stop and start with the lure letting it “flutter” on the descent. I have caught fish with all 3 ways, you just have to find which is the one of the day or rather the night!

You can use the same gear as you would do for sea trout fishing, but I like to use slightly more powerful kit. For that, the Pezon & Michel Oceaner Azimuth, 15-50g is ideal. Paired with the size 3000 Oceaner ZI FV spooled with 0.13 to 0.15 braid and you have the perfect combo. Don’t forget at least 1 meter of fluorocarbon terminal leader, it helps for discretion and resisting abrasion from the rocks and shells.

Using powerful gear is necessary to be able to cast as far as possible in order to reach the fish as they keep away from the shore until the light fades. You also need that extra muscle to be able to fight the fish and keep them out of rocks and weed beds. My favourite lure is the Pezon & Michel Tease spoon which I also use when fishing for sea trout as it is just the right size and shape of their natural prey.

At this time of year, shoals of herring come to spawn along the coast and the cod and the sea trout are just behind! As the sun goes down, not only is it a special gift from Mother Nature, it also the signal for the cod to start feeding!

Some nights, every cast is rewarded by a strike! You don’t need to be able to see where you are casting, just aim towards the sea, cast, reel and hold on tight!

So grab your sea trout gear or something a bit more powerful and try and catch some cod from the shore. It’s really great fun especially when they are hunting in the shallows just waiting to hammer your lure with bad intentions!

Have fun, tight lines