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Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
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Erster Fisch : 1993

Bio: Due to my grandfather I started fishing when I was only 4. Through coarse fishing and fishing for trout, I became infected very fast. When I was 14, I started to fish for predators the “classic” way by using spoons, etc. But I learned fast that there were many more ways to seduce predators. For more than 10 years now, I use various techniques to catch predators. The fishing with hard baits is my favourite, however, because you are so versatile and are able to fish for every predator. Even in early summer you are able to animate some roach of rudd to take the bait. But I do not neglect soft baits, because they are especially important when fishing for zander and perch. Generally speaking, I fish for all species that can be caught with lures. That is the biggest appeal for me, because I personally think it is rather boring to concentrate on just one species.

Where you fish: Most of the time I fish in lakes and rivers in the state of Brandenburg, but I love to go at times to the wonderful state of Mecklenburg – West Pomeriana and the Baltic coast to the angling grounds around the isle of Rügen. For a couple of years now, I go to Norway to catch predators at sea.

Fishing techniques: Hard and soft baits for pike, perch and zander, hard baits for asp and chub, fishing for trout in brooks and sea, sea fishing in Norway with soft baits and fishing from the belly boat

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