Paakki TERO picto se

48 Jahre
Team Pezon & Michel
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Erster Fisch : 1972

Bio: I started fishing when I was a little kid , my father often took me out to fish for cod, pike and perch and even when I didn't catch anything, just being outside, in the middle of untamed nature was just great! Now it has become like a "need" to be out in nature and fishing for big pike. I do most of my fishing in my home waters where I have been casting lures for the last 30 years.

My biggest pike so far weighed in at 16,5kg for 126cm long, such a awesome fish that I caught during a competition! I have about 50 pikes over 10kg so far and my goal this year is to catch a 15kg+ beast from my usual venue. I also love to fish for other species such as perch , walleye , trout and arctic-char.

Where do i fish: Mostly I fish in the West of Sweden, I do almost all of my fishing in lakes and rivers, but sometimes i go for sea fishing up in Norway for cod and giant halibut.

Fishing techniques: I love to fish with soft baits and vertical style fishing for the big pike, sometimes I fly fish for them. But mainly use spinning gear, which for me is the technique I get the most fun out of.