Martin WASBERG picto se

31 Jahre
Team Gunki / Pezon & Michel
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Erster Fisch : 1996

Bio: My name is Martin and live with my partner in Stockholm, Sweden.  I’m in last year of studying to become a civil engineer at Royal Institute of Technology. I’ve been fishing since I was five and it has always been my biggest hobby. My goal has always been to become a better fisherman (knowledge of fishing and fishing techniques).

Where do you fish: When fishing in Sweden I fish everywhere - in lakes (small and big ones), the archipelago (from north to south) and rivers (fast flowing waters).  I’ve also been fishing quite a lot on the coast of Norway.

Fishing techniques: Spinning, casting, ice fishing, pelagic sharpshooting, vertical fishing, angling with float, trolling with floats and hard baits, angling from a float tube, ocean angling and some fly fishing. I fish mostly for pike, perch and zander depending on time of year, condition etc. I fish both deep and shallow waters with different type of baits (jigs, hard bait and live bait) depending on water, species and conditions. Some points that play a key role in my fishing is that one need to believe in what one is doing and always try to have one, or a combination of several, theorie(s) answering the question "why fishing on this spot when aiming for that fish